Project Runway: Backstabbing & Super Tight Silver Pants

project runway althea

Photo from Project Runway

Althea's look

Project Runway Logan

Photo from Project Runway

Logan's look














Last week's Project Runway had me scratching my head -- what is going on with them? There wasn't much to like in this last challenge. Are they all too busy talking about each other to focus on their own designs?

There usually is a couple of looks I love, but not this time.

Spoiler ahead...let's dish....


The designers are told they are to create a companion piece to compliment their winning look. Logan was the only one who had a look that didn't win, so he already felt at a disadvantage. Poor cute Logan. (Love his name!)

Lots of new tensions arise.

  • Logan thinks Christopher's fabric looks cheap.
  • Carol Hannah thinks she has a scary mess and Tim Gunn seems to agree.
  • Althea sees the collar Logan is working on and recognizes it as the same one she made for another challenge. Irina and Althea start whispering in the other room about Logan and Althea says she's going to say something about Logan copying her.
  • Althea starts talking smack about Logan to her model. OK, I don't blame her for being mad, but come some professionalism!
  • Logan revealed that Irina's nickname is Mean-a Irina.
  • Althea calls Carol Hannah a one-trick pony. Someone else's claws are coming out.
  • Logan calls Giordana's look grandma-ish.
  • Irina says while Althea is annoyed with Logan for copying her collar look, and Irina goes behind her back and says Althea is actually copying her Aspen look.

Now for the runway show!

I really love Carroll Hannah's look. The volume  of the skirt -- so cute.

Don't like Althea's pants at all or the tank top. But Heidi does.

Logan's look was a little futuristic weird.

Irina...ugh...I hate to admit I love the cardigan. Don't love the back of the dress. Nina Garcia was the only judge who agreed with me.

Giordana's jacket is cute, but not sure about look overall.

Christopher...well. Just yuck.

At this point in the show, I'm thinking if Christopher doesn't go home, something is wrong.

Irina sells out Althea about sweater being oversized like hers to the judges.

Wow Althea wins. I thought the pants were so ugly.

Wow again. Christopher is in. Shocked.

Giordana is told her look is sad, drab, and dated. Logan's look is too tricked out. 

Who goes home? The cutest contestant is out. Poor Logan. He sure looked good in his super tight silver pants.

Should Logan have gone home? Did you love his tight pants? Who is your favorite designer so far?

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