Berets Never Go Out of Style

beretLast week while on a walk through my neighborhood, I saw this skeleton hanging outside a house. So of course I wanted to pose with it.

I ended up breaking off one of his arms, so here's me trying (and failing) to re-attach it.

If you can ignore the big twin baby belly, you can see me rocking my new coat in this photo -- it's light grey with big buttons and it's from Zara. I've got on my fingerless gloves and a beret that my sister-in-law gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago. I love this beret.


skeleton halloween
pregnant halloween

The floppier the beret the better -- I like to wear it pulled low, so it goes down the back of my head. And it doesn't give me hat hair like other hats, but it still keeps me warm.

By the way, my husband helped and we ended up reattaching skeleton's arm. Phew! Happy Halloween!

Do you wear berets? How do you like to wear yours?


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