Do You Shop Online?

baby online

Photo by Jeanmarie75

I prefer to shop online. Shopping in NYC, although great, can be a real hassle. Too many people, things picked over, not always a good experience. So if I shop online, everything is nice and tidy and delivered right to my house.

Sure, there's that what if it doesn't fit or look good issue, but I tend to shop from places that I know what size works for me and I have returned items through the mail with no issue.


I always look for a coupon code and often can get really great deals online. So even though I'm paying for shipping (unless I have a coupon code that removes shipping), I can usually work out some sort of discount.

My favorite online shopping is Etsy Vintage. Oh the deals!

If I'm in the suburbs visiting my parents, however, I love shopping at the mall.

Do you do most of your shopping online? Why or why not?


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