Weekly Want: Antler Earrings

antler earrings

Photo from brookadelphia

deer antler earrings

Photo by louloudo











I recently decorated the nursery and my husband and I bought these wall decals that have woodland creatures. There is a deer with big antlers and I love it.

We also bought this wall hanging of deer antlers, but it's really wood carved to look like the antlers. Also love.

So now I want antler earrings.


I found two pairs that are very different and I'm not sure which one I like more.

The Gold Antler Earrings ($40) from brookadelphia will definitely stand out no matter what your hair color or length of hair.

The Antler Shaped Leather Dangly Earrings ($8.50) from louloudo are a better deal (under $10) but may get lost if your hair is long and dark like mine.

Which pair of antler earrings do you like best?


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