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Kate Hudson

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Kate Hudson has been at every Yankee baseball home game in the past few weeks (I think) and my brother-in-law seems to think she is Alex Rodriguez' good luck charm. Kate's been dating A-Rod for a while now.

Khloe Kardashian just married LA Lakers basketball player Lamar Odom, and she's been spotted supporting her man courtside along with her sister Kim -- who is also dating a sporty guy -- Reggie Bush plays football for the New Orleans Saints. (My husband's team! I think Reggie is so cute!)

When cheering on their men, Kate and Khloe still manage to look stylish. Oh of course they do!


Kate, known for her hippie laid back looks, stays true to that at baseball games. Here she is in a plaid top, but is wearing some sparkly blue eyeshadow. She always looks so cute!

Khloe, always glamourous, is a bit more done up. Her white jacket looks great with her skin color (oh and daring...white after Labor Day -- but it is LA) and her makeup looks as if she was going out for the night with heavy eyeliner and lip glossed lips.

Between Kate and Khloe, who looked better when cheering on their men?


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