Ponchos I Love


Me & my poncho

Two years ago I purchased this vintage poncho on Etsy for $15. One of my best purchases ever! Inexpensive, super cute, and versatile. No matter how big I get during pregnancy it still fits.

I've always liked ponchos -- the sweater kind, not the plastic rain kind. They have a hippie chic appeal and look really cute with jeans tucked into boots.


They are great for Fall and even Winters if it's not too cold where you live.

Lots of designers are making ponchos right now and they are super expensive -- like in the thousands of dollars expensive. But I found some that aren't so pricey.



Photo from Forever 21


Photo from 11kari













poncho coat

Photo from idea2lifestyle

poncho coat

Photo from Urban Outfitters











Do you wear ponchos?


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