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I finally caught up with Project Runway over the weekend.

Last week I loved how Carol Hannah was talking about her crush on Logan -- he sure is cute. But this last episode made me dislike Irina even more.

Show recap with spoiler ahead...


It's down to seven contestants and they go to Rodeo Drive to Michael Kors' flagship store. Michael fills them in on their challenge -- design a look after an inspiring locale. They have to choose from Palm Beach, New York, Greece, St. Tropez, Aspen, Santa Fe, and Hollywood.

Carol Hannah won last week, so she got to choose first and she went with Palm Beach. Names was drawn to decide the rest of the choice order.

While they were designing, it seemed everyone had their challenges except for Irina. And like all the other weeks, she continues to put down the others behind their back.

When it's time for the runway, guest judge Milla Jovovich is introduced and the show starts. 

  • Logan's inspiration was Hollywood. I thought it was kind of boring.
  • I loved Althea's dressy shorts look.
  • Nicolas had Greece (above right) and I didn't really like it at all. Judges thought it was inspired more by Grease the movie, not Greece the country.
  • Carol Hannah's Palm Beach dress had beautiful back detailing.
  • Christopher's blue and brown Santa Fe colors weren't vivid enough.
  • As much as I hate to say it, I loved Irina's Aspen look (above left).
  • Giordana's Park Avenue NYC grey dress was kind of bleh. Judges thought it was sleek and sexy.

Cut to the judges and a flash of Heidi's darkest blue nails and two huge rings -- one that snaked up her finger. That woman is always styled perfectly.

So who won? Irina. Again! That makes three wins in total. Her ego is going to swell even more.

The final three were Logan, Christopher, and Nicolas. All were told that they must pump up the volume of their designs, but in the end, it was Nicolas who was sent home. 

Do you think they sent the right person home? What do you think of Irina?


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