How Do You Wear Headbands?

feather headband

Me wearing the across the forehead headband.

I live in NYC and the headband is one of those accessories that has made a comeback on the cool kids that go out to clubs and party until after closing time. Of course that doesn't mean lil ole me can't wear one. And I have.

I love them to dress up an outfit -- I wore one at my wedding and also to a friend's wedding recently.

But it's not just if you wear them, it's how you wear a headband.



There are two ways -- on your head or across your forehead.

The on your head way can make the look seem like 50s retro pinup or even good girl Sandra Dee style.

If wearing it across your head, it can be hippie style or in the case here in NYC, hipster style.

For Halloween last year I had a 70s theme party and wore a feathered headband across my forehead (photo above). I've never worn this look for the everyday, but I have seen others in it and it usually looks really cute.

What do you think of headbands? Do you prefer them on your head or across your forehead?


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