Weekly Want: Cloche Hat

cloche hat

Photo from Urban Outfitters

What the heck is a cloche hat? Popular in the 1920s, this bell shaped hat gets its name from the French word for bell -- cloche.

It was a popular style for flappers. Josephine Baker used to wear a cloche and Angelina Jolie wore one in the movie Changeling.

And I really want one.


This Pins and Needles Felt Cloche ($28) from Urban Outfitters comes in black, camel, brown, cobalt, and raspberry -- great colors. The cobalt blue would look so great with my light grey coat.

Avon sells a simple dark grey On Top of It Cloche ($15) with a bow -- though it's not available for purchase last time I checked.

Do you wear hats? What do you think of the cloche?


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