This Plus Size Model Is Hungry

Crystal Renn Hungry

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Crystal Renn is gorgeous. At size 12, she's considered plus size, but when she was a size 0 she was anorexic.

Blame the modeling industry, society, lack of self-esteem -- weight issues are a huge problem not just for teens, but can affect a woman throughout her whole life.

Crystal shows that she didn't have to be a thin model to have success.

I know one of the arguments about skinny models is that they look better in clothes. But I don't think that applies to Crystal. She looks good in (and out) of anything. She does have great proportions.


I'm not bashing thin models -- I do know people who are naturally thin like my mom, who has been teased about it all her life. She says calling someone skinny with a negative slant is as bad as calling someone fat.

I am shining a light on the unhealthy lengths women (and girls) feel they need to go to be thin. Just like Crystal did when she was 14 and was told she had to lose nine inches from her hips. She became anorexic and lost 80 pounds, whittling herself down to a size 0.

Now a healthy size 12, Crystal wrote a book called Hungry: A Young Model's Story of Appetite Ambition and the Ultimate Embrace of Curves, and guess what? She's still modeling!



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