Shorts with Tights?

tights with shorts

Photo from Madewell

I'm having a love/hate with this look.

I love the way it looks on this model showing off clothes from Madewell -- but she has long, thin legs. Oh and that pale yellow cardigan -- I want!

My friend Melody, also long and lean, has worn short with tights and heels and looks amazing. But she looks amazing in everything.

On the other hand, I hate the look because it isn't easy for just anyone to pull off. Namely, me.


I even have, or really had, a pair of fall/winter shorts -- they were tweed, but I gave them away since I never wore them even though I tried to many times over the two years they took up space in my closet. With tights. And heels. Just like this. And no luck. I ended up changing before I left the house.

They were the kind of item I had to be in the mood to wear. That mood never came for me.

But still, I look at this image and sigh...what a great look.

Would you or do you wear shorts with tights in fall/winter?


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