Cute Couple Halloween Costumes

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Since my husband and I have been together, we do some sort of couple Halloween costume theme every year. We've done scary Halloween looks -- I was a dead car hop; he was Bloody Holly -- and we've also done other looks, too.

A few years ago, I was a mental patient who escaped in a straight jacket and he was my arresting officer. We both had bruises and scratches painted on our faces, though I know on me it looks more like something out of an 80s video than bruises. Hee hee.


We also had a lot of fun one year as a beat-up wife and her slutty best friend who takes her out to forget about her loser man. Yep, my hubs was down enough to dress in drag, wear a wig, and let me do his makeup. I think he makes a super cute slutty friend.

couple costumesThis year, well, we're not really on top of our Halloween game as we have been in the past -- I'm 7 months pregnant with twins. But that isn't taking our Halloween spirit away. I'm going to be Mother Nature and I'm hoping he'll be my wild animal. Hmm...could be fun...even pregnant.

Have you dressed up in couple costumes for Halloween?




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