Lingerie or Cozy PJs?


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adult footed pjs

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Oh pajamas -- they sure do come in a variety of styles, from sexy to well, not sexy.

I can't wear a lot to bed mostly because I overheat during the night. In warmer months, I usually wear a tank top; when it's cold, a tank and yoga pants.

I have a weird thing where I can't sleep naked for fear something will crawl up in my vagina. I know that doesn't make much sense, but it's a fear so they stay on. I also cannot sleep in socks because my grandma once told me that sleeping with socks on is sleeping with the devil, so no Satan socks for me either.


Occasionally I wear a sexy little something -- cute sexy, but still comfortable -- no garters, tassels, or other contraptions.

So now that you know TMI about me, what about you?

When it comes to going to bed, to actually sleep, not have sex...are you more of a sexy lingerie wearer or would you go with something like footed pajamas? Or are you somewhere in between?

Out of these two nighttime outfits, which one would you rather wear?


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