Balms That Are the Bomb!

Hand Job lotion is deeply penetrating. Get your mind out of the gutter! While looking through all the great stuff on Etsy (I just bought a great vintage dress), I found this mama with a great shop called LeastLikely2Breed. How could I pass this up and not share?! She sells all kinds of balms...with a huge dose of wit.


Keeping parenthood in mind, Leigh is a balm-a-mama. She makes balm for nipples sore from breastfeeding and your baby's booty (diaper rash), even for your booty (hemorroid cream) and other unmentionable parts. Also for sale are great lip balms (peppermint and strawberry flavored...yum!) and these featured balms: Pussy Foot and Hand Job cost just $10 each.

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