Fight Frizz with White Vinegar & Honey

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There are of things in the house that can make our hair look good -- and I don't just mean hair products

Sadly, though, cake is not one of them...unless you are as cute as brighteyesbryar's daughter. Then you can get away with just about anything.

I've got a homemade hair recipe to get rid of frizz and all you need is some white vinegar -- and a touch of honey for a little something extra.


Mahisha Dellinger, curly-haired expert and creator of the CURLS organic hair collection, is sharing another recipe. Not sure if you tried her Milk & Honey Hair Smoothie, but it rocks.

White vinegar is great in a salad, but it also works to get rid of frizz. Just because the humidity of summer is gone, my hair is still frizzing from Fall rain. 

It turns out that vinegar reduces frizz by sealing the cuticle -- it restores your hair's natural pH balance, removes product build up, and adds a nice sheen, making your hair super soft.'s an important note: Do not overindulge in this vinegar rinse or your hair will be left feeling straw-like. Do it once every two weeks for best results.

Here's how to:

  • Rinse hair with warm water to remove product. 
  • Skip shampooing, instead apply vinegar directly to hair and scalp. 
  • Gently massage. Rinse. Condition as usual. 

Take the de-frizzing regime up a notch by adding a couple of drops of honey (depending on length) to your conditioner. If your hair is very thick, you can apply honey directly to your hair instead. Condition after.

What's your favorite DIY beauty recipe?

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