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Jacqueline Kennedy

Photo by Getty/National Archive/Newsmakers

I cannot think of fashion icons without thinking of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and her elegant dresses, oversized sunglasses, and pill box hats. 

While chatting with my friend NYCBrit, we discovered lots of First Ladies who were not only an inspiration for their contributions to the world, but to our wardrobe as well. Here's NYCBrit's rundown of the White House's most stylish residents.


Back in 1809, Dolley Madison loved chic European trends that were considered risqué. She also gained notoriety for (gasp!) wearing rouge on her cheeks. Oh, how I love a fashion rebel that paves the way for all of us!

Frances Cleveland was the youngest First Lady in the White House. In 1885, when ladies were often covered up, Frances wore low-cut and shoulder-bearing gowns.

Who says style fades with age? Florence Harding was in her 60s when her husband was elected in 1921, and she loved sexy flapper dresses. She was also the first First Lady to be photographed wearing pants.

Betty Ford battled breast cancer which led to a mastectomy, yet this fashionista and former model didn't let that stop her from feeling womanly. She proudly wore low-cut outfits to prove that surgery didn't take away her sass and style.

There are so many more from the posh polish of Nancy Reagan to the sporty style of Grace Coolidge.

Soon there will be a new First Lady in the White House—either Cindy McCain or Michelle Obama. No matter your political preference, I think we can all agree that both women have great style.

Who do you think is the most stylish First Lady?


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