How to Wear Boots Over Jeans: Trick to the Tuck


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Do you ever wonder how some ladies get their jeans tucked into boots and have it look good? There are plenty of treats going around for Halloween, but I think now's the perfect time for a trick.

One of the tricks for a proper tuck involves skinny jeans, and no, you don't have to be skinny to wear them!

When I wrote about What to Wear to a Rock Show, I thought a great look would be wearing jeans tucked into boots with a tunic. cafemama asked for a tutorial on exactly how to do this since none of her jeans fit into boots.

Here's what you will need:

From Shopbop

Step 1: Put on the skinny jeans (note: you don't have to be skinny to wear them). If jeans are too long, fold over so the end of jean is at ankle.

Step 2: Tuck jeans into socks first.

Step 3: Pull on long shaft boot like photo at top and voila! no major bunching!

If you want to wear short boots like photo at left, follow same steps just be aware of the length of your sock and fold so it doesn't peek out. You can fold jeans under instead of over so the underside doesn't show.

If you don't have skinny jeans, you can tuck boot cut denim into high shafted boots. Flairs and bell bottoms won't work well.

To tuck boot cut jeans into boots:

Step 1: Fold over so end of jean is at ankle.

Step 2: Grasp extra fabric at side seam inside your calf and fold vertically so it's tight at calf.

Step 3: Pull tight socks over to maintain fold.

Step 4: Pull on long shaft boot like photo at top and voila! no major bunching!


Do you have any other tricks on tucking boots into jeans to share?

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melli... mellieboo

You can do all of the above OR you can buy yourself a pair of STIRUPPZ from  They are so cute! Detachable stiruppz that keep your jeans from bunching everytime you walk, sit and then stand.  AND they help you slide your jeans down into the boots with NO zipper! Check them out! AWESOME



nonmember avatar Boot Guy

These are nice tips. So many fashion boots are made to be seen and not covered up by jeans or slacks. With the popularity of the over-the-knee boot this fall, these ideas have even more use.

nonmember avatar Layla

I discovered a great new product called Jean Straps ( They are removable stirrups that attach to the bottom of your jeans via a garter clip. They are super easy to use and they only cost $9.99. The garter clips lay flat so unlike the metal clips that I have seen other products use, they don't add extra bulk in your boot. Love them! Just bought a bunch for stocking stuffers.

heato heato

Seems like it's taken FOREVER, but finally there are a few products on the market to help keep jeans tucked in boots!  Hooray! 

My favorite so far is JeanGrabbers (  Very reasonably priced ($9.95, no sales tax, cheap shipping,) and by far the cutest compared to the others I've seen - darling prints, clips have an embossed boot on them, and they come in different metallic finishes (even copper!!  How cool is that?) The elastic material is silky soft , and only about half inch wide, so super comfortable to wear. Check them out, see what you think.  

(PS - a tip if you decide to order - they offer a combo pack of all 3 designs for discounted price.  When mine arrived, I was surprised to find each one comes with individaul packaging, wearing instructions, etc.  So I ordered several more so I can use them as stocking stuffers!)     

Totsy Totsy

I think the key is to get a jean that fits well from the beginning.  It needs a bit of stretch and a nice tapered leg. Skip the lumpy socks too.

fairy... fairymom2316

I actually have been using this idea for awhile now, it works!

NearS... NearSeattleMom

I have no tips but this is totally bringing flashbacks for high school for me. Everything old is new again . . . or something like that.

nonmember avatar Sunee

I found Boot Bands work well. They are better because there are no clips that can rub. They are straps that wrap around the ankle and hold jean in place so they don't bunch up when you put your boot on.

Millie Loice

hey thanks for the advice realy helpful

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