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I don't know what it is, but lately I've been liking Katie Holmes more and more. It's not like there was a time I didn't like her, I just didn't think about her much and I didn't watch Dawson's Creek.

Now, when I see her in magazines, she's so classy, elegant, and seems to get more beautiful every day.

Katie is Elle magazine's covergirl for their November issue. Inside the mag, she talks about bringing Suri to the set and how she's a fan of vampire movies. I've got more scoop and also more snippets from the issue's feature on Women in Hollywood.


Katie Holmes... 

...on family life: "In my own life, my whole world really revolves around family. I do what I need to do, but it's like, ‘How is everybody else doing?' And it's wonderful for me as an actress to put some of that into a character."

 ...on life as a working mom on the Broadway set of All My Sons: "Suri would sit in my lap in the makeup chair. She'd hand the wig lady the bobby pins."

...on fashion: "I like Ralph Lauren because I feel like it's very American, and I'm pretty all-American, from Ohio."

 ...on the genre of film she loves most: "It can be any genre. I even like vampire movies -- they just have to be well done. I want to believe in the characters. The minute it starts to feel not real, I'm not interested."

Julianne Moore

...on types of characters she is drawn to: "I think my connection to acting has been through reading. I'm interested in scripts. People ask me, "What role are you dying to play?" It's really, What story do I want to be in?" 


Renee Zellweger...

...on actresses from earlier eras that have influenced her: "When I was making Chicago, I couldn't stop watching the Marilyn [Monroe] videos. Not so much because of the sex kitten thing; it was more her vulnerability. That was a huge part of the Roxie character. But it's not about emulating; it's about a feeling."

See the rest of the Women In Hollywood and their covers at Elle.com.

Do you relate to any celebrities in any way?


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