Thick Chain Necklaces -- Love Them!

chain necklace

Photo from Gilt

When I was in college, I used to go to the hardware store to buy my jewelry. I'm serious. I would get strands of chains and fashion a necklace out of it. Heavy, yes. Also very cost effective for a student with no money.

That thick chain look still looks good and I found some necklaces that I am really loving right now.


I saw this Ben-Amun Multi-Chain Necklace from Gilt for $85. (Must be member of Gilt to view.)

Then there's this Blu Bijoux Twisted Gunmetal Chains Necklace ($35) from Max & Chloe.

And from my favorite store, the Stud Bib With Chains ($38) from Free People. To quote Rachel Zoe...I die! (Meaning love it in case you don't watch the show.)

chain link necklace

Photo from Max & Chloe

bib necklace

Photo from Free People












What do you think of the chain necklace look? Which one is your favorite?


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