Fishnets Make Your Legs Look Thinner

white fishnets

Photo from We Love Colors

Fishnet stockings aren't just for streetwalkers and "fragile" (or fragi-ley) lamps a la A Christmas Story. Streetwalkers -- such a grandma word. If my grandma was still alive she would say "streetwauukahs" with her New Yawk accent.

But seriously, I was reading in Lucky magazine how fishnets can make your legs look longer and slimmer. And you've got options.


I've always been a big fan of nude or white fishnets. They are subtle and have a more coy sexiness about them.

Of course the black ones also look great. Just don't wear them with super tight and super short dresses if you want to avoid that streetwauuka look.

And whether or not you go with a tightly knit fishnet or larger diamond design, both make legs look thinner.

fishnetsblack fishnets










I love these fishnets from We Love Colors!

Do you wear fishnets?


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