Weekend Lust List: All About Hair Color (Hair Down There, Too)

I've got one too many grays starting to poke out and it's really time for a dye job! Plus, it's my birthday on Sunday and I certainly can't be heading into 30-something looking like Cruella de Vil. So besides some Halloween and birthday shenanigans, I'll be spending some time coloring my locks. AbbysMom2001 and I were chatting about the best store-bought brands...


...and these are my faves. I like L'Oreal Natural Match ($9.99 from Drugstore.com) because it doesn't have ammonia.

I color my hair Brown Black 3W, the W is for warm tones. I think that's just as important as choosing the color. Most hair colors offer cool, warm, ash, or natural tones, so make sure you read the box for the one that suits you. I have redness in my skin and I find that the warm tones compliment me better. Cool or Ash tones minimizes red in your hair, while the warm tones enhance the warmth in your color and adds a hint of gold. Natural tones bring out your natural highlights, whether they are warm or cool.

I also really like Clairol's Natural Instincts ($9.99) from Drugstore.com), which is also a non-ammonia formula.And for those of you who want your carpet to match your drapes, there is a dye for the hair down there! OMG! I know some of you go completely bare, but for the ladies who like a little bush (and never want grays to show), Betty Beauty is pubic hair dye sold online ($14.99) and at some drugstores.

No ammonia in this product either (phew) and it's safe on your private bits...even works on a man's beard or chest hair. It comes in all the usual hair colors, plus hot pink, shocking blue, and oh-my-gosh orange in case you're feeling freaky.

CafeMoms are buzzing about hair color, too. Check out the questions: What is a good brand of hair color to use at home? and What's your favorite boxed hair color brand? for some answers.

But what about you? Do you dye your hair at home? If so, what's your favorite brand?

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