Would You Try Clip In Bangs?

Jessica Simpson

Photo from Ulta

Sometimes Kim from Real Housewives of Atlanta's wig looks natural. Other times it looks like it's not sitting on her head correctly and it looks fake.

That's how I felt about clip in bangs -- wouldn't they look fake no matter what?

Apparently not. At least not if you're Jessica Simpson.


I think these Clip-In Bangs by Hair Do ($29) look pretty darn good. And it's a good way to give yourself a whole new look without scissors.

I have other Hair Do products -- the clip in extensions that I wore on my wedding day to make my hair look even thicker. Sometimes, when I'm feeling fancy, I'll pop some strands in just for some extra volume.

I haven't tried the Clip-In Bangs, but I'm curious. Have you? Would you try them?


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