Things I Learned from a Supermodel

Claudia Schiffer

Photo from Getty courtesy of InStyle

Who is your favorite supermodel? I love Lauren Hutton and Claudia Schiffer because they both have a gap in between their front teeth and so do I. Ah it's the little things. Oh and yeah, they are both insanely gorgeous.

InStyle magazine has a feature with Claudia on her Tips for Looking and Feeling Beautiful -- I had to know what they were....


Claudia shares...

Don't Be Impulsive When It Comes to Your Hair

"After chopping off all my hair when I was a teenager and immediately regretting it, I learned the value of having a signature style (in my case, long, blond, and straight). Now if I feel myself getting bored with it, I'll make subtle changes -- moving the part, letting it grow past my shoulders, or adding fringe -- but nothing so drastic that anyone would notice a big difference. It's all about keeping it fresh."

Power Walk in Stilettos

"Here's a secret I learned early in my career: Tensing the muscles in your calves provides more balance so you can walk, not wobble, in even the most towering heels. For me, Pilates is the best exercise regimen to strengthen legs without making them big."

 Skip Makeup -- But Never Leave Home Without Sunglasses

"Instead of trying to do my makeup first thing in the morning before I leave the house (nearly impossible when you have two kids), I just slip on a big pair of shades. They hide tired eyes and allow me to get ready in a more peaceful environment, be it the office or at a photo shoot."

Drink Your Way to Good Skin

"There are lots of creams that will make your skin look and feel nice. But I still believe that drinking at least a liter of water and several cups of peppermint tea a day is the easiest way to make your skin glow."

Be Your Own Seamstress

"With all the last-minute changes that go on backstage at fashion shows -- dresses are ripped apart and pinned backed together seconds before models hit the runway  -- I've become very good at dealing with clothing disasters. I carry two sizes of safety pins in my handbag: big ones to fix rips and smaller ones for broken straps or hems."


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