Best Halloween Costume Ever?

scary halloween costume

Me as dead car hop

I'm really into Halloween and one of my favorite Halloween costumes was one I thought of years ago and just never got around to following through with it until two years ago. It was a car hop who was run over.

I tend to like to be slightly gory things. Oh and I'm talking about adult only costumes here.



I had a tire track across my chest, fake blood everywhere, and yes, was on rollerskates. My husband was Bloody Holly.

While this was a brilliant costume idea in my opinion, I realized once we were at a Halloween party at a bar how difficult it was to do things in rollerskates. Going to the bathroom was the worst.

his and her halloween costumesBut if I could just stay in one spot or better yet, get a seat, I still think it was one of my best ideas.

I've seen some amazing adult Halloween costumes over the years -- everything from bloody tampons to a (fake) snake-haired Medusa. One year, my friends Tina and Greg were Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth -- incredible depiction.

What was the best Halloween costume you've seen? What was your own favorite costume?


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