Weekly Want: Long Sweater Coat

sweater coat

Photo from Ann Taylor Loft

Fall is here in NYC and while a lot of people are complaining that it's too cold, I am loving it. Autumn is my favorite season and after sweating through the summer, I think the crisper air is a welcome change. Enter sweater season!

I'm usually way too hot to wear a sweater indoors, but I love layering, so I want a long sweater coat to wear when I'm outside.

There are three that I really like -- in three different prices ranges. I wish I could have them all.

I would wear the Old Navy Belted Shawl Cardi Coat ($44.50, below left) when I'm out and about, but it could be a good go-to when it's a little brisk inside.

Ann Taylor Loft's Sweater Coast with Waist Tie ($98, above) could take me further into the season -- add scarf and all set.

sweater coat

Photo from Old Navy

long sweater

Photo from Anthropologie














And to dream! Anthropologie's stunning Twisted Petals Tunic ($298, right).... What can I say? It's not really a coat, but wow -- I love this whole outfit (I'll take the painting and the dresser, too!). I'd wear this sweater over tunics, under coats, I'd dress it up, dress it down...if only I could rationalize the price.

Which long sweater do you like best?


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islan... island_rose

wow.....i love to have  the Ann Taylor Loft's Sweater Coast with Waist Tie......really nice!

sstepph sstepph

I like the Old Navy one... I'm actually thinking of getting one myself :)

RanaA... RanaAurora

I have a black one similar to the Old Navy one, except mine is longer.

angel... angelica02985

I like the Old Navy sweater.

nonmember avatar Sweater Coats

I like the Old Navy one quite a bit.  Is the Ann Taylor one more of an outdoors-y style?  It doesn't really look quite as versatile when it comes to the indoor-outdoor transition.

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