What Your Halloween Costume Says About You


Me as a car hop who was run over.

Happy Halloween! Maybe you're taking the kids out for some trick or treating. Or maybe you have an adults-only party to attend, and in that case, let's play a little game called "What your Halloween costume says about you"!



The folks over at Gawker Media ran a post on The 5 Costumes You Meet At A Halloween Party where they broke it down to five different types.

The Sexy "Blanks": Meaning any costume that has major sex appeal. It can range from Sarah Palin in her swimsuit competition days to the sexy French Maid (is there any other kind?). Gawker says that this doesn't mean you are promiscuous, but instead like to play into the stereotype. Or maybe it's your one ticket to go all out without fearing the consequences?

The Ironic References: You know, this is like you dressing up like Paris Hilton, Amy Winehouse, or a pregnant Angelina Jolie even if you aren't expecting. Gawker says these are the types that send YouTube clips to all their friends and the type who enjoy mass emailing.

Magical Type Costumes: Harry Potter, Tinker Bell, get-ups with ears or elves. Anything from the Twilight series. Gawker says this sends the message that you are slightly nerdy and dream of another life in a world far, far away.

The Seriously Scaries: Fake blood, gore, wounds, zombies...really scary Halloween costumes must mean that you're kind of goth in real life. Oh and that you really love to scare people.

The "Smart" Costume: My friends are going to be "Bridge" as in the card game. One is a Jack, the other an Ace. Clever, right? I'd like to think that my costume last year was pretty smart, but maybe not. I was a car hop who got run over. But really it wasn't so smart. I had rollerskates on and it was really hard to get around a crowded party.

What about you? What do you think your costume says about you?

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