Natural Beauty: What Do You Love Most About Yourself?

little girl

Photo by Emmy_Dollface

If my husband tells me I look beautiful when I have not a stitch of makeup on, I really feel pretty. Then I wonder if he has his contacts in. Hee hee. But if you wear makeup, like I do, sometimes you look at yourself without it and think...yuck.

Although there are some things I do like about myself...even without makeup.


I've got good eyebrows. And it's probably just my mom who drilled this into my head. She said when I was born and they first brought me to her, she took one look and said, She has perfect eyebrows! They are arched well all on their own.

I also love my teeth...even though they are really big and imperfect. My sister has the same teeth and I just appreciate the supposed imperfection.

Take away the makeup and take a look at your natural beauty. What is your favorite feature?

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