Who Is Your Biggest Style Inspiration?

wedding 1970s

My mom and dad on their wedding day.

When it comes to looking fabulous, I look to my mom. She's 60-something, as gorgeous as ever, and she has the best style, always has.

I remember missing the bus as a kid and she'd have to drive us to school. She wouldn't leave the house without her lipstick. So maybe her hair was a mess and she had on PJs under her coat, but her lips were perfectly painted red.

Another woman in my life who had amazing style was my aunt Eileen. She too always looked gorgeous. I remember her hair being frosted in the 80s and I thought it was just the most glamorous look. She was like Farrah Fawcett meets Lauren Bacall.


When it comes to celebrity style inspiration, I look to the 70s -- I just love everything from that era. I love Stevie Nicks, Debbie Harry, Bianca Jagger, Mary Tyler Moore -- all very different, but all represented a strong sense of self, along with a great sense of style. Just like my mom and aunt.

I love Stevie's hippie chic; Debbie's rocker girl feel, Bianca's high fashion sense, and Mary's girl next door with a nod to mod look.

Still, my mom has them all beat.

Who is your biggest style inspiration?

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