When Your Daughter Wears Your Clothes


My mom had some great clothes when my sister and I were little, and yes, we raided her closet many times and unintentionally may have ruined a few items. Sorry mom! Our favorite drawer was the one with her nightgowns. We'd slip them on over our clothes, put on some music, and sing into the upright vacuum cleaner. Ah yes, I'm wondering if I'll get that same payback someday. 

The New York Times has an article by Michelle Slatalla called These Clothes Are Indelibly Mine and in it she issues a warning to the moms of girls: "One day these people will grow up to steal your clothes."

Cafe Cynthia on Toddler Buzz has already talked about the little ones wanting to wear your makeup, and chances are, it's your wardrobe that's soon to follow.

Your favorite cardigan that you wear to dress up a sleeveless dress? Your pre-teen may pair it with leggings, a tank, and her favorite Converse sneakers.

That animal print scarf you love wearing with your black trench coat? DD may wrap it around her waist like a belt and also wear those pearls your grandmother gave you that you only wear on special occasions.

Does your daughter steal from your wardrobe? If so, what's the policy?

Do you remember "borrowing" some of your mom's clothes?

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joey125 joey125

when michele was maybe 3 or4she would walk around with my high heels and nightgowns,  over her own clothes, I thought it was cute, my mom would get upset, I don't know, it never bothered me, just thought she was emulating me, seemed like a complement.

Erica37 Erica37

I never borrowed my Moms clothes,But my daughter can now wear my shirts,Shes 11,And loves to borrow my clothes.But she also loves to get stains on them to!

Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

Hi mom! AKA Joey125! I've always been your biggest fan, mom...you have such great style and grace. A woman of great substance and smarts. 

And yes, I still borrow my mom's clothes!

ShannieP ShannieP

I borrowed some of my moms cool "vintage" stuff when I was younger, lol. I dont know what I will do when my daughters get to that age (they are 3 and 2 months), but I suppose I would be flattered that they think their momma still has style, lol

nonmember avatar tboyd

I would have loved to wear my mom's clothes but she dressed n dresses & very unique outfits. I totally love my moms style. I'm Navajo & we wear traditional clothes that are handed down from our grandmothers. I'd b honored to wear the clothes & jewelry that we given. I have three sisters & we always want something for our daughters.

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