Neon, Feathers & Animal Prints: Oh My!

leila shams fashion week

Photo by Shannon Sinclair


I love this dress!

I went to one of the best fashion shows during Fashion Week. And it wasn't at Bryant Park or even in some chic Manhattan location. It was in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, at the beyond fabulous apartment belonging to Leila Shams.

Leila is one of the most talented designers out there and she debuted her own line, called LEILA SHAMS, for Spring 2010.

It's bold and edgy, sexy yet sweet -- just like the designer herself.


I'm so inspired by her. Yes, the line is gorgeous and I wish I could fit into it right now, but I'm pregnant. Yet by the time Spring comes, lookout purple and green dress, I am all about you. But most of my Leila-inspired inspiration comes from her drive to set her mind to do something and to get it done.

Leila worked for DKNY Jeans and Express, but often felt stifled creatively. She got laid off and made the best of a bad situation -- she started her own line that day.

How many times have I set a goal only not to achieve it? Embarrassingly, too many times.

leila shams fashion week

She says she got her inspiration from the jungle and the movie Weird Science. Love the combination. Maybe she can make my twins some clothes!

leila shams fashion week

leila shams fashion week









I am all about letting Spring come roaring in with looks from Leila. There's neon paired subtly with black, but also combined boldly with pop colors. There's nature prints like lightning bolts and wild animals, plus lots of gems, showy zippers, and of course, feathers, which in my opinion will never go out of style.

Info on purchasing LEILA SHAMS clothes coming soon.

Congrats, Leila, on the incredible new line!

What trend are you looking forward to for Spring? I know it's far away...tell me about current trends, too!


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