Weekly Want: Native American Style Earrings

vintage native american earrings

Photo from Ingram Cecil Vintage

I love beaded things and love vintage style (you all know that). Like this necklace I bought in a vintage shop in New Orleans -- it's my favorite.

And I really want these Vintage Native American Beaded Earrings ($35) from Ingram Cecil Vintage.

I'm wearing all black right now and these would look really cute dangling from my ears.

Then I checked out the other items Ingram Cecil Vintage had to offer....

vintage beaded necklace turquoise

Photo from Ingram Cecil Vintage

Oh this necklace! Vintage 70s Beaded Turquoise Silver Necklace ($45) -- I couldn't love it more. OK, I could if it was a little less expensive. But still, a worthy splurge -- it's timeless and I could wear it with my all black outfit and many other things too.

Do you have a weekly want this week? Do tell!


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