Snuggie Fashion Show -- New Styles!

snuggie fashion show

Photo from Snuggie

I was in Bed Bath and Beyond the other day and saw a pink Snuggie (they had the red ones, too).

Pink looked cute, but honestly the pink is nothing in comparison to the new styles Snuggie debuted during New York Fashion Week!

Yes, you read that correctly. The blanket with sleeves had their very own catwalk full of models (two-legged and four-legged, men, women, and kids), who showed off the latest designer Snuggie collection.

Can you say fabulous?!


Add purple, tie-dye, plush brown, leopard, and zebra to the mix...and yes, Snuggies for dogs! Fancy pooch!

I love this animal print (for humans). I would snuggle up and watch Project Runway with this one on. Sunglasses optional, of course. Roooar!

snuggie fashion show

How cozy does this brown plush Snuggie look? It could be the Sunday morning on the couch with a hot coffee Snuggie.

Do one of these new Snuggie styles catch your eye?


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