Window Shopping: Colorful & Artful Necklaces

miss ruby sue, necklacesmiss ruby sue, necklaces

Although I'm not really wanting to take off my new mom necklace anytime soon, I can't help but adore these bold and colorful necklaces on MAGPIE lovely, from designer Miss Ruby Sue.


What I love about owning vivacious jewelry pieces is that people become so enamored of the jewelry that they don't even notice you're wearing a $9 thrifted little black dress.

And while these lovely necklaces are more than I typically pay for jewelry I wouldn't wear daily (pieces shown above are $80 and $49), they're not more than I'd expect to pay for handmade jewelry works of art like these.

For me, it's not always about what a piece costs. Sometimes it's about how inspiring it can be just to admire and appreciate — it's called "window shopping." I go to museums and read fashion magazines and never expect to buy anything, but those colors and images and scenes give me a lift. Sometimes they inspire me to make things or put new colors together. Sometimes they change my world view for a little while. And sometimes pretty things just make me smile — even though most the time I'm not buying.

Do you like to "window shop" items you may or may not be willing or able to buy? Or do you prefer to only peruse what's affordable for you? Why?

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