New Bare Minerals Makeup

bare minerals

Photo from Bare Escentuals

I'm just about out of my favorite face powder and I'm not happy about it. It's not cheap -- around $25. But I have problem skin and even though I considered going to a cheaper brand I just can't do it. Being pregnant and feeling ugly in the face isn't good for my mental well being.

I went to a stand alone Bare Escentuals store and it was like walking into chocolate chip cookie land.


Fun music was playing and there was makeup all around, plus it smelled really pretty in there.

I was checking our the newest line of face makeup called Matte

I noticed a new product, Bare Minerals Matte ($28), and there was the wrench in my plan to quickly buy my usual and go.  

One of the girls who worked there asked if I needed help and I told her I usually use the regular Bare Minerals, but was curious about Matte.

She gave me the details. It:

  • is SPF 15.
  • absorbs excess oil and eliminates shine.
  • minimizes pores.
  • protects and helps promote healthy skin.
  • is still is so gentle you can sleep in it.
  • has a new dispense system so you it doesn't spill out as easily as the other Bare Minerals powder.

She did a color match on me and because of the formula, I went with a shade lighter than what I would get with the other one. And it looked great.

Also looked great when I applied it myself this morning.

Are you a fan of Bare Minerals? Do you have a makeup brand you stick with because you love it even if it's a little pricey?


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