Confession: I Torture My Hair


hair damageI set up a hair appointment with my go-to hairstylist for tomorrow. I know I'm going to get an ear-full, I always do.

See, I don't give my hair the best TLC. In fact, I'm pretty bad to it. My getting-ready routine includes straightening my wet hair (I have one of those wet-to-dry straighteners), and then putting hot rollers in it.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking, why both? Well, in my little mind, the straightener dries it and keeps it from frizzing up (unlike a hairdryer) and the hot rollers give it just enough wave.

See why I get a lecture from my hairstylist? I have started using a serum on my hair to give it some protection, as a result from my last visit, but I still basically fry it every morning, even when he told me not to. Oops.

Oh, and not to mention, I color it. Geez, I'm not going to have any hair left by the time I'm 50.

What torture do you put your hair through?

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sodapple sodapple

once in a while, although my hair is short it takes long to dry, i let my hair dry put any type of protector on it and pass the flat iron on it. if we are talking torture one time i put it through the IRON itself, you see i left my flat iron at my moms and i really needed to look nice, hey we were goiing to a party, so i just turn on the iron and carfully flatten my hair. it came out way better than with the flat iron but i wouldn't be trying that often. lol. i got it from watching my cousins do it to each other, yes it requires two people and i was doing it alone, =-D

auror... aurorabunny

I have my hair colored often (can't stand having roots) but I figure I kind of make up for it by never using any kind of heat products.  I'd say I use the blowdryer about once a month and other than that I just leave it alone.

ivans... ivansmom07

I flat iron it...but it's not wet.  I either wash it the night before or simply don't wash it the day I plan on wearing it straight. I color it ever so often, too.

munch... munchyswifey24

You could always go to the salon and get the Keratin Straightening system. It cuts down your style time. You only have to blowdry for 6-10 mins (no sectioning the hair) and your hair will have no frizz or static it leaves it looking like you took an hour straightening it. The only problem is that it runs you $250-$500 depending on the length of your hair, but in the long run its worth it.

LoriA... LoriAnn87

I color my hair to hide my roots and grays, I blow dry when it's too cold to go outside with wet hair and I flat iron my hair when it's too frizzy and I wanted straighten.

Curio... CuriousSarahM

I straighten my hair every time I wash it. I've got super frizzy hair to begin with, and the humidity here seems to stay at 100% year round, so there's no fighting the friz with anything but a straightener!

I don't color it though, that's got to count for something, right!?

Daily... Daily Buzz Team

Hey CuriousSarahM, you're doin better than me! :)

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