Confession: I Torture My Hair

hair damageI set up a hair appointment with my go-to hairstylist for tomorrow. I know I'm going to get an ear-full, I always do.

See, I don't give my hair the best TLC. In fact, I'm pretty bad to it. My getting-ready routine includes straightening my wet hair (I have one of those wet-to-dry straighteners), and then putting hot rollers in it.


Yeah, I know what you're thinking, why both? Well, in my little mind, the straightener dries it and keeps it from frizzing up (unlike a hairdryer) and the hot rollers give it just enough wave.

See why I get a lecture from my hairstylist? I have started using a serum on my hair to give it some protection, as a result from my last visit, but I still basically fry it every morning, even when he told me not to. Oops.

Oh, and not to mention, I color it. Geez, I'm not going to have any hair left by the time I'm 50.

What torture do you put your hair through?

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