Beauty Nostalgia: I Love Love's Baby Soft!

One of the greatest things about having kids is that you're able to play with toys without anyone looking at you funny. I think I was the last of my friends to stop acting out scenarios with Barbie and her friends back in the day. I blame that on having a younger sister...she needed someone to play with! From My Friend Mandy to the first offering of Cabbage Patch Kids, I loved dolls, but I also really loved my Love's Baby Soft.


I'm having a little retro bash for my birthday thanks to the great party ideas from Cafe Kim, and I'm taking it back to the 70s when I was born. That's right! Costumes, makeup, hair...and I even thought about scent. Nothing says the 70s like Love's Baby Soft to me. It was my first perfume and after smelling it again after many, many years, it still smells really good to me. Powery fresh! Perfect for my party. It made me remember how my Aunt Tena used to take me to the drug store on Liberty Avenue in Brooklyn to get it. She would also take me to Woolworth's down the block to buy barrettes and Bonne Bell Lip Smackers. Good times!

Yesterday my thought bubble read, "I re-discovered Love's Baby Soft and it smells as great as I remember!" and it made CafeMoms RobynS, JayGirlsMom, and AbbysMom2001 remember, too.

What about you? What scent or beauty item takes you back to when you were little?

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