How to Donate Your Hair to Charity

Whether you've been planning to cut your long hair into a shorter style or you simply want to make a difference in the lives of children, why not consider donating your chopped locks? Here's how one CafeMom donated her hair to help children in need.

"I've been growing my hair out specifically to donate. My hair grows quickly and it's healthy," says CafeMom bamsmom2001. "Since hair is something I can have easily, it made sense to donate to children who can't. It's so painless and easy to do!"

donate your hair

CafeMom bamsmom2001 and her long "before" hair


So bamsmom2001 recently went from long hair to short hair and mailed off a 12-inch ponytail to charity. She donated her hair to Locks of Love, who makes hairpieces for children with hair loss due to any medical condition. "I think it's a very important charity."

Wondering how to donate the hair you cut off?

"Donating is easy," explains bamsmom2001. "You have to have at least a 10-inch ponytail to donate. Layered hair is fine, as long as the longest layer is 10 inches."

donate your hair

The ponytail, ready to be donated to Locks of Love

"Print out the donation application on and fill it out.

You pull your hair into a low ponytail, then a braid, then cut it (or have your hair stylist cut it) above the ponytail holder. Put the ponytail into a plastic bag, and put it and the donation form into a mailing envelope. Then mail it in. They mail a thank you card after they receive the donation."

donate your hair

bamsmom2001 and her cute "after" hairstyle

Wow, this good deed sure left bamsmom2001 looking terrific. Didn't it?

Have you ever donated your hair to charity? Would you consider it now?


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