Gwen Stefani Rocks White Nail Polish

gwen stefani white nail polish

Photo by Ann Lawlor

Gwen shows off her mani with one of the models.

There's no debating the amount of Gwen Stefani has -- a lot! And this mom of two is edgy, chic, and modern with a nod to vintage.

Gwen just had her L.A.M.B. Fashion Week show in NYC and besides the amazing clothes, one thing stood out -- white nail polish on the models.


Gwen also rocked the look, all done by the Dashing Diva nail tech team.

Dashing Diva is my favorite place to get manis and pedis on weekends with my friend Diane. We get pampered then go to our favorite lunch spot and have dessert. Who wants to come? It's heaven.

Want the white polish look? Dashing Diva sells the stark white shade and it's called NYC Fleet Week -- love it! Did I mention I also love manicures?

What do you think of white nail polish? Would you wear it?


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