What to Wear to a Rock Show

From Anthropologie

Sometimes when you have kids there isn't much time for yourself, but then there are times when you've got the sitter scheduled and you're ready for a night out on the town. But what to wear? What clothes are right for different occasions? My friend AbbysMom2001 is lucky enough to have tickets to see AC/DC! I'm so jealous. She wanted to know what she should wear so she can shake it all night long. OK, those were my words, but I'm totally singing that song in my head.


Here's what I suggested:

I would wear jeans with boots and a simple top, like a tunic...sort of long. With or without a belt, your choice. But I would wear the belt over the top, at your natural waist. Make sure it's breathable fabric since you may be dancing a little and it may be warm in there. If you don't do a belt, wear a fun necklace. The most important thing is to be comfortable and to feel cute...but wear confidence!

The look in the photo is from Anthropolgie, but you can get this look from other shops, too. Go with darker jeans, even a black rinse, for a more edgy look...perfect for when they sing "Back in Black." Take off the cardigan if it gets hot...like when they're belting out "T.N.T." It's dynamite!

Got any other ideas for AbbysMom2001?

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