Cowboy Boots: Do or Don't?

cowboy boots

Photo from Anthropologie

This question may depend on where you live, but what do you think of cowboy boots? I happen to love them especially with a knee length skirt or dress. I also like to wear them with jeans tucked into the boots.

CafeMom ddbz lives in a cow town (her words) and didn't know if anyone else wore cowboy boots in other parts.

I say yes!


KelleyP77 said that she doesn't own a pair, but wants a pair of brown ones to wear with jeans and a sleek shirt and/or jacket. She loves mixing rustic and sophisticated clothing.

Can I take a moment to drool over these Frye boots sold at Anthropologie?

Price? $298. Ouch.

Boots are super hot for fall. Every fall, yes, but this fall it's all about rugged boots and cowboy boots certainly fit that bill. Motorcycle boots and any boots with studs or rivets or grommets are also what's looking good.

What do you think of cowboy boots? Do or don't?


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