Wedding Dress: Need Style Advice

Next weekend I'll be walking down the aisle—and I have a problem.


Nope, I'm not getting married—my step-sister is and my daughter is a flower girl. Here's the issue:

I'm not in the wedding party, but my step-sister just asked me if I would walk my daughter down the aisle (she's having three very young flower girls and she's afraid they won't make it to the front of the church without their moms). Of course I said yes.

But what do I wear? The bridesmaids are wearing an eggplant color and the flower girls are wearing white dresses with eggplant ribbons. My step-sister, like any bride, has put a lot of thought into her color scheme and I don't want to ruin it for her—I don't want to clash and I don't want to wear eggplant since I'm not really "in" the wedding and I don't think it would be appropriate.

Before she asked me to walk down the aisle, I planned to wear black. But now my thought is that I should sort of "blend," and wear a color that goes with what everyone has on.

Am I overthinking this? Should I just wear whatever I want? Or should I be careful and choose a dress that looks good next to my daughter and the bridesmaids (without matching exactly)?

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