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I'm so into simple dresses this year. I want to wear a dress every day until it gets chilly, which could be awhile where I live. And even then, I'll just toss on a sweater and some tights and be good to go awhile longer.


I keep joking with my girlfriends that I'm going to start a fashion muumuu shop. It's simple. You pick the style dress that works best on you, and then you get it in five different patterns. You wear a different one each day.

And I work at home, so I might even start calling these my housecoats, you never know.

In any case, loving all the affordable and simple dresses at ModCloth. I love this store! So many unique dresses and great prices.

Here are some simple faves — and none require dry cleaning either.

Shown above (clockwise from the top):

What about you? Could you wear a dress every day or are you jeans or pants girl?

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