Do You Hide Your Tattoos?

tattoo concealer

Photo from Sephora

I have tattoos and I don't hide them. They are a part of me just like anything else that is on my body.

I know some people don't like them. And that's cool. But I don't judge someone because they love the color burgundy, so I ask others to not judge me. I do like burgundy sometimes, just not as a color to wear really. Just to clarify.


I've never hid my tattoos with makeup, though I've heard of some asking bridesmaids to cover tattoos for a wedding.

Tattoo artist and makeup maven, Kat Von D makes a Tattoo Concealer ($25 from Sephora) that is supposed to work really well and not just on tattoos...on dark circles and blemishes (those two things I do want to hide).

Do you have tattoos? If so, do you hide them and how? Does it bother you if someone asks you to cover them up?

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