Weekly Want: Polka Dot Top

polka dot top Juliette Longuet

Photo from Juliette Longuet

I like to dream -- day dream, night dream, sweet dream, wet -- wait! Shh!

But dreaming is good, and apparently free according to Blondie. So why not?

Right now I am dreaming I am this girl in this outfit by Juliette Longuet. So feminine, yet in jeans, polka dot and ruffle top cinched with belt at natural waist, and those tan boots -- oh my. Just so super pretty.


Forget about the price tag of these items for a moment. This outfit screams fall from the chocolate color top to the high suede boots.

Some of you may even be able to pull this look together with things already in your closet.

What do you think of this outfit? Can you pull it together with things you already own or do you need a shopping excursion?

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