How to Apply False Eyelashes

false eyelashes

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False eyelashes -- I think a lot of women who have tried them love them. Guest editor Meredith recenty wrote about the primping she does when pregnant to feel pretty and fake eyelashes are at the top of her list.

But are they easy to apply? Will they tear out your real lashes? Are there inexpensive brands that work well?

Yes. No. And yes!




KissUSA makes some of my favorite and they have a new line out called i-ENVY that are so easy to apply it took me less than a minute.

SaveBeauty sells them for $2.99, but they should be available in most major drugstores soon.

Here's me testing out the Au Natural 02 i-ENVY lashes.

false eyelashes

Right eye has fake eyelashes

I'm just wearing mascara on the eyelashes on my left eye, but my right eye has mascara plus the false eyelashes over them. I love the way it looks!

i-ENVY lashes are reusable, too. They peel off really easily as you can see here.

false eyelashes

To reapply, you just need a tiny dab of eyelash glue (sold where lashes are sold) and apply and remove the same way. Peel away any excess glue from fake lashes before storing.

Do you wear false eyelashes?

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