I Need a New Handbag

gray handbag

Photo from Urban Outfitters

My current handbag needs a little needle and thread action -- the magnetic that holds it together is falling off and I keep forgetting to sew it up.

And though I love my bag (it was a Christmas gift from my sister last year), I think I'm over it...need a little change.

Right now I really want a gray handbag. And I like them big so I can fit all my stuff that I for some reason feel I need to carry around with me.

(Tips on downsizing my load should be another article.)


This Deux Lux Twist Bag ($68) from Urban Outfitters is certainly roomy.

But then I saw this blue bag with ruffles and I'm liking it, too. New York & Company's City Style Tiered Ruffled Handbag ($36.95) also has a price that a bit nicer.

And then there's this purple bag at an even sweeter deal -- Target's Merona Large Satchel ($22.49) from Target.

blue handbag

Photo from New York & Company

purple handbag

Photo from Target

Which handbag would you buy?

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