Do You Love Your Imperfections?

love your scarsI have this huge scar on my right foot from a really bad car accident. It happened in the spring, and though the actual wound was healed by the end of summer, I refused to wear flip-flops for the longest time because my skin looked so bad.


It's still there, but you better believe I rock the sandals now.

I hate that we live in a society that thrives on "perfection." What makes us so special is our own little imperfections. My scar is a story, an event that helped me become who I am today.

I feel things like scars and stretchmarks are all personal victories. I love how pagirl71 references her stretchmarks as "badges of motherhood" and NicholeAT says, "They are my tiger stipes. I went through childbirth and they are like the war wounds you can talk about."

Do you have any scars or stretchmarks? If so, do you hide them or leave them as is?

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