Which Celebrity Do You Want Beauty Tips From?

Eva Mendes

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty

Do you have a celebrity that you just love everything they wear and wish you knew exactly how they did their makeup so you could try it out, too? Mine is Eva Mendes. I love her.

She's like a mix between Sophia Loren and Cindy Crawford...with a touch of Bianca Jagger and even a hint of my mom when she was younger. Can you tell I'm girl crushing?

Eva's look is modern, but with a vintage feel, classic, sexy, but still cute, sweet, and approachable.


I wish she would have a baby, join CafeMom, and then we can become friends, and she can share all her beauty and style tips with me. Hee hee. I'll share them with you too, I promise.

If I had to choose another, I love Rose McGowan's look, as well. But only when her hair is dark. What a siren -- love her flawless skin and liquid liner eyes.

What celebrity do you want beauty tips from?

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