Help! I Can't Stop Biting My Nails!

do you bite your nailsThe other day a friend of mine looked down at my hands and said, "Kim, gross! You don't have any fingernails!"

It's embarrassing, but true. Ever since I was little, I've bitten my nails down to the quick. It's a disgusting, nervous habit that's only gotten worse in adulthood. I don't even realize that I do it—until all my nails are gone!

I know hypnosis works for some people, as does those bitter-tasting creams and nail polishes. But the only thing that works for this nibbler is keeping my nails polished—and recently I haven't even had the time for that (painting is easy, it's the drying process that takes too long)!

Ideas please? Did you ever bite your nails? How did you finally stop?

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